You Are My Hero (2021)

你是我的城池营垒, Ni Shi Wo De Cheng Chi Ying Lei...

40 episodes
Crime, Detective, Drama, Medical, Military, Romance
You Are My Hero (2021)




40 Episodes


A story that follows Mi Ka, a new resident at the hospital who meets special ops agent Xing Kelei during an emergency rescue training organized by the SWAT team. From their initial hostility arising out of a misunderstanding, repeated encounters through several operations lead them to see each other in a new light. With the sudden onslaught of a deadly earthquake, Mi Ka and Xing Kelei were ordered to travel to the disaster-stricken area to help with rescue operations. Xing Kelei is touched by Mi Ka's selflessness. A nation in Africa is thrown into turmoil, putting Mi Ka and the rest of the medical team in a dangerous situation. At this time, Xing Kelei arrives to ensure everyone's safety. One a policeman and one a doctor, the two are able-bodied and willing to devote everything for the sake of others.

Also known as: 你是我的城池营垒, Ni Shi Wo De Cheng Chi Ying Lei, You Are My City and Fortress, Love To Be Loved By You