Twelve Legends (2021)

十二谭, Shi Er Tan, Twelve Tans

32 episodes
Demon, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Web Series
Twelve Legends (2021)



32 Episodes


Jin Xing Jian was originally an ordinary rock who lived for two thousand years, displaying both the traits of a deity and a demon. Now in the human realm, he has his own studio where he’s introduced to several quirky demons along the way. Among them, a fish sprite’s touching love story with a noble, and a captivating jujube demon who wants to become an immortal. But it’ll take the hero, Jin Xing Jian, more than just learning by observing, when it comes to getting back the love of his life - the mysterious and luminous night pearl, Ye Ming, in human form. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Ni Luo (尼罗).

Also known as: 十二谭, Shi Er Tan, Twelve Tans