The Fairy Lady (2022)

仙琦小姐许愿吧, 家有仙妻...

33 episodes
Cohabitation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
The Fairy Lady (2022)



33 Episodes


Chen Xian Qi, a small editor of a fashion magazine, accidentally lost the diamonds borrowed by the magazine. She mistakenly thought that it was picked up by the intern Xiao Jia You. Chen Xian Qi traced Xiao Jia You but fail to retrieve the diamond, but also lost her job and bear a huge debt. Just when Chen Xian Qi was in a state of desperation, she inherited a mysterious bracelet. The bracelet seemed to contain some kind of mysterious power. Jia You became Xian Qi's roommate by mistake, renting a set of two-bedrooms with her. The two people who originally disliked each other were forced to start a "cohabitation" life. They used the power of bracelets to help many people and experienced many things and their hearts slowly got closer.

Also known as: 仙琦小姐许愿吧, 家有仙妻, Xian Qi Xiao Jie Xu Yuan Ba, Jia You Xian Qi, Miss Xian Qi, Make a Wish, Make A Wish Miss Xian Qi