Shuke and Peach Blossom (2021)

舒克与桃花, 舒克的桃花运...

40 episodes
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Shuke and Peach Blossom (2021)




40 Episodes


Shu Ke is a salesman who aspires to be a designer. After entering into a contract marriage with Tao Hua, a second-generation rich baifumei, Shu Ke finds himself facing all sorts of troubles. He has to deal with his steely mother-in-law, a childhood sweetheart who has come to find fault, a father-in-law who seems to be neither friend nor foe and Tao Hua's good friend who is crushing on him. Being in too deep in their lies, the two start to develop real feelings for each other. However, the time will come when their fake marriage is exposed. Tao Hua's mother demands that Shu Ke give up on his dream of becoming a designer to join the family business instead. Shu Ke reluctantly agrees and experiences various ups and downs in the workplace as the chairman's son-in-law. Meanwhile, Ta Hua puts her life on hold to focus all her energy towards Shu Ke. With their relationship reaching an impasse, can they ever have a real marriage?

Also known as: 舒克与桃花, 舒克的桃花运, 舒克的桃花運, Shu Ke Yu Tao Hua, Syu Hak Di Tou Fa Wan, Shu Ke's Peach Blossom Luck, Scottie & Tawnya, Scottie And Tawnya