Mr. Queen (2020)

철인왕후, Cheorinwanghu...

20 episodes
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical
Mr. Queen (2020)




20 Episodes


"Queen Cheorin” will be a bright and comedic fusion sageuk. It portrays the event in which the soul of a man who lived in the modern era is trapped inside the palace of Joseon in the body of a queen. Queen Kim So Yong has the soul of a man in her body. She dreamed about becoming the Queen for her family. She is always trying hard because of the filial duty to her father. However, one day, the soul of a man entered her body and she stopped caring about people’s eyes and started to act like a wild horse. Cheol Jong is the “Jekyll and Hyde” of the Joseon Dynasty. On the outside, he looks like an easy-going and puppet king. However, he has a psychopath-like side. He is scared of becoming an incompetent king as they wish and to die without being able to do something. He is secretly dreaming and preparing for a reform.

Also known as: 철인왕후, Cheorinwanghu, Cheolinwanghu, Cheolinwanghoo, Iron Queen, Queen Cheolin, The Iron Empress, Queen Cheo Rin