Moonlight (2021)

月光变奏曲, 初礼来了...

36 episodes
Business, Drama, life, Romance
Moonlight (2021)




36 Episodes


After graduating from university, with a passion for publishing, Chu Li successfully entered her dream company, Yuan Yue Publishing House. However, a challenging path lies ahead of her. She was shocked to find out that the publishing industry at this time has undergone huge changes. With her sincerity and professionalism, she earned the respect of renowned authors and became their exclusive editor. . Chu Li overcomes the obstacles in her career, and finally becomes an established editor. Renowned author Zhou Chuan is said to be gentle as a jade when he’s really not. The two are immediately at odds but Zhou Chuan later discovers that Chu Li is his online friend Monkey. She also discovers that her close online friend, "L Jun" is Zhou Chuan. Adapted from novel 月光变奏曲 by Qing Wan.

Also known as: 月光变奏曲, 初礼来了, Yue Guang Bian Zou Qu, Chu Li Lai Le