Lovers of the Red...

홍천기, Hongcheongi

14 episodes
Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Lovers of the Red Sky (2021)




14 Episodes


Can the heavens make the man of your dreams fall from the sky that easily? Hong Chun Gi is the only female painter in Joseon who enters the palace and shares love lines with a blind astronomer and arts enthusiast Grand Prince Anpyeong, third son of King Sejong. Hong Chun Gi’s mother once prayed to the heavens to send a suitor down for her daughter to marry, and one day when a strikingly beautiful young man falls from the sky right in front of her, she believes he’s been sent from the heavens just for her. The young man, named Ha Ram, is nearly blind due to an accident during a rain ceremony, and can only see the color red. He holds a position in the palace as an astronomer, and after meeting Hong Chun Gi, he discovers that there’s a larger mystery surrounding his eyes.

Also known as: 홍천기, Hongcheongi