Love Class Season 2 (2023)

수업중입니다 시즌2, 수업중입니다 2...

6 episodes
BL, Drama, Miniseries, Romance
Love Class Season 2 (2023)




6 Episodes


Lee Hyun is a university freshman. He is cheerful, and optimistic, and has never really experienced any form of emotional hurt or heartbreak. His university days start with a bang when he sees and immediately falls for Kim An, a young tutor in the same department where Lee Hyun is studying. Lee Hyun starts following Kim An around like a puppy, pestering the cold and aloof young tutor with questions. Meanwhile, Joo Hyuk is a student who is returning to campus after a break. He meets and has a fling with a man named Sung Min after they meet by chance, but the latter vanishes without a trace the morning after. Joo Hyuk is shocked to later discover that Sung Min is actually his new class’s teaching assistant. And fellow student Min Woo is also stuck in a confusing romantic situation: He has a secret crush on his unemployed best friend Ma Roo. Will Cupid help sort out the love chaos as these six young men strive for academic – and romantic – success? (Source: Viki)

Also known as: 수업중입니다 시즌2, 수업중입니다 2, Sueobjung Ibnida 2, Sueobjung Ibnida Sjieun 2, Love Class S2, Love Class 2, Дорама Урок любви 2