Fighting Youth (2021)

正青春, 标化人生...

47 episodes
Business, Drama, Romance
Fighting Youth (2021)



47 Episodes


This tells the story of corporate rookie Zhang Xiao Yu, and how through her extraordinary talent, she manages to earn the appreciation of Lin Rui, the sales division director of a renowned cosmetics company. Lin Rui’s many achievements as the sales director of the cosmetics company, SW, has earned her recognition from SW’s board of directors in France. She is next in line for her boss Shu Wan Ting’s position, but her road to the top hasn't been easy. Unwilling to be replaced, Shu Wan Ting recruits Lin Rui’s rival, Fang Jing, to lead a new department. This is when Zhang Xiao Yu is hired as Lin Rui’s secretary and gets caught up in the messy office politics. Despite everything happening around her, Zhang Xiao Yu manages to blossom as a career woman while also finding her true love.

Also known as: 正青春, 标化人生, Zheng Qing Chun, Biao Hua Ren Sheng, Standardized Life, Standardized Queen